On Saturday, June 20, 2020 from 12-2:45 Central Time, there will be a one-of-kind interview presented online at Virtual Roots Rendezvous Fest with Ralph Stanley II. It will feature his reflections about a rare recently discovered video of his father, Dr. Ralph Stanley. The interview with Ralph II will be his thoughts about Dr. Ralph’s performance at Lincoln Memorial University in 1976 when he received his first honorary doctorate. 

Marcia Campbell, broadcast personality, member of the Grand Ole Opry Square Dancers, and consultant & host of the Virtual Roots Rendezvous Fest, will feature an up close and personal interview with Ralph II about his Dad. With Father’s Day coming up, this is certainly a heart-warming father-son musician story you don’t want to miss.

Since his father’s death four years ago on June 23, 2016, Ralph II has continued with the same musical gift as his dad.  The son of the music legend Dr. Ralph Stanley was entrusted with the Clinch Mountain Boys carrying on the legacy that began in 1946 with the Stanley Brothers.

When Ralph II went out on his own, Dr. Ralph had a fatherly comment about his son when he left the band, “He’s been working to that one day to go out on his own. I think he’ll do fine!”

Surely, that was the case, Ralph II had been on stage with his Dad before he could walk. He became a full-time member of the Clinch Mountain Boys when he was only 16 years old. Ralph Stanley never gave him instructions. The musical legacy was learned by onstage watching.

Dr. Ralph once said,

“He knows what to do and how to hold himself in public.”

He insisted that, “He earned that job. He’s been my lead singer ever since.”

Somehow being a father was one of those unspoken proud moments. Dr. Ralph was convinced that playing with family was one of his greatest achievements.

“Even when I’m away from home, I’ve still got family right here with me. Sometimes, I get tired and down, because touring isn’t easy at my age…I look onstage and see my son and grandson just letting it rip. I set back and enjoy them right along with the crowd.”

Acclaimed father and son went on to play on the road together for twenty years.  Dr. Ralph Stanley was so proud that his family was carrying on the tradition.

Along with this compelling interview and reflection, Ralph II will be one of the headliners performing on Virtual Roots Rendezvous Fest this Saturday, June 20th from 12-12:45. Your donation is your ticket.

Also, appearing on “Virtual Roots Rendezvous” June 20th from 12-2pm are Dr. Digger Cleverly from The Cleverlys, Zach and Maggie, Maybe April, Dave Adkins, Ralph Stanley II, Jesse Harper from Love Canon, Zach Top, and Will Maclean.

More Virtual Roots Rendezvous Fests will be held through the fall, 2020. The Summer Series is June 20, July 25, and August 22. The fall season will begin September 26, October 24, November 21, and December 19. As the possibilities emerge, small live concerts and performances will happen.

With a continued commitment to authentic roots music, plans are already underway for an amazing 2021 UDM festival.

What: Uncle Dave Macon Days Presents A Virtual Roots Rendezvous Concert

When: June 20, from 12-2pm

Where:   ON ANY MOBILE DEVICE. LAPTOP. OR COMPUTER LOG ON TO: www.rootsrendezvous.com

Email contact: rootsrendezvous@gmail.com

Visit https://www.rootsrendezvous.com/ to learn more and see what the day will look like.


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